We offer the following services:

Bathing, Grooming, Hygiene

a. Bathing: We do bath assist for all of our clients, bed bath for our hospice care.

b. Grooming: Haircuts for males and Set and Curl for our females, we offer pedicures and manicures for both men and women, dentures, lotion, hearing aides, and glass care included.

c. We take care of and follow through on any additional hygiene issues that might apply to your loved one.

Mobility and Movement

a. We work with our local Physical Therapist’s, and Occupational Therapist’s on exercise required to help them to be back to their best selves.

b. We will implement exercise into their daily routine to keep them fit and healthy.


a. We offer a dietician based menu into the home. We are also currently working with one of our local restaurants on meal delivery from us for home cooked favorites that are heart healthy/smart.

Medication Reminders, Medication Management

a. We can do medication management if your loved one needs. We have a strict protocol with a medication safe that is implemented within the home. Our team leads are trained as medication aides. We do a pill count for each shift for Narcotics on premises. We have a strict sign off protocol with 2 signatures required.

Light Housekeeping

a. On top of making your loved ones feel cared for and comfortable, we want to take the stress of housekeeping off their plates. We offer a variety of light housekeeping including but not limited to: dusting, dishes, sweeping and mopping, vaccuuming, laundry and changing bedding.


a. We want you to find comfort in knowing that your mothers, fathers and grandparents are getting everything they need. Make us a list and our caregivers will pick up groceries and prescriptions, transport them to doctors appointments, hair appointments and everything in between.


a. You can feel safe knowing that all of our caregivers are up to date on their car insurance and drive reliable vehicles, including the company car. If they feel more comfortable in their own vehicle we offer a release, indemnity, and hold harmless agreement concerning the operation of their motor vehicle by the employees of Kindred Circle Care.