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Our Philosophy

The Agency’s philosophy is to provide the highest level of care to clients in their homes via professional and paraprofessional services. We strive to assist our clients in living their best day-to-day lives. We are committed to providing high-quality, multidisciplinary care. Our professionals recognize the essential needs from the client, family & professional’s point of view.

Our Story

Ten years ago, a few members of our current team and I met while working private in-home care for a wonderful lady and her husband in Lakeview, Oregon. Unfortunately, we could not meet her needs towards the end of her life due to a lack of training or not enough of us to do 24-hour care, and we had to send her to a more populated area. It was heart-wrenching for us, and we realized this was a much-needed service in our community.

We trained as CNAs 1 and 2, Medical Assistants, Phlebotomists, and Emergency Medical Technicians. We are prepared to learn how to lift correctly so as not to injure ourselves or our loved ones. Many of us have worked on the acute hospital floor or in a long-term care facility to ensure we had the skills to recognize what should be reported to RNs, physicians, and family members. 

We built this company to fill a void in Lake County for care needs for those with Long Term Care insurance plans, Seniors and Disabilities provider needs, Oregon Project Independence (OPI) needs, or based on Physician diagnoses Medicare coverage. We aim to help you have the care you need with the least amount of money spent and the ability to remain in your home.

For your family, we represent peace of mind, security, and knowing that the needs of their loved ones are being met. All our personnel are background checked, and we implement Oregon Health Authority regulations. We supply workman’s compensation for our personnel and have liability insurance. We are CPR and First Aid Certified.

We look forward to serving you and fulfilling your needs.

Meet the Team

Brooke Brown – LPN  (Administrator)

Marissa Newman – CEO

Harley Dick – Administrative Assistant

Angela Gibby – Supplies Manager

Ashley Guzzi – Director of Human Resources

Martin Arce – QAPI


Angelina Cooper

Brenda Pochop

Chelsea Jones 

Dorothy Henry 

Esther Chandler

Gita Kendrick

Hunter Amacker

Jordan Young

Jorge Frausto

Kimberly Lendy

Kylie Stone

Lee Nash

Manuel Rosales

Meuy Saechao

Marissa Newman

Morgan Moorhouse

Penny Giacomelli

Shanley Newman 

Stacy McFadyen










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